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The radius around an aggro monster in a MMORPG game whereby if a player enters this radius, the monster will attack the player. Knowing the aggro range of the monsters in a game can be the key to staying alive in dangerous areas.
-Player1: "Be careful those guys have a huge aggro range."

-Player2: "I know."

-Player1: "That's too close, get back!"

-Player2: "Oh no! Aggro!"

-Player1: "Jeeze, what a n00b."
by Vespasian August 24, 2005

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In a MMORPG or MUD refers to a mob that will attack without being provoked. Can also be used to refer to actually being attacked by such a mob.
1. Watch out, those goblins are aggro!

2. Crap! I just got aggroed by a goblin!
by Vespasian August 24, 2005

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A word that refers to a Nuclear weapon itself or the action of attacking someone with a nuclear weapon.

Has come to be used in some MMORPG games to refer to attacking a monster with powerful magic spells.
1. Let's nuke the bastards!

2. Our Black Mage just nuked the crap out of that mob!
by Vespasian August 24, 2005

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The perfomace variations of the 1969, 1970, and 1971 Plymouth Barracudas. Cudas came with 5 differenent V8 engine options, the 340cu.in., 383cu.in., 440cu.in., 440 6-pack (440cu.in. engine with 3 2 barrel carbs), and the almighty 426cu.in. Hemi. In the 1972 Model year the 383, 440, and 426 Hemi engines were retired due to new emissions standards, thus ending the line of high performance Barracudas.

Performance with the Hemi
0-60 in 5.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 13.41 sec. @ 104.6 mph.
The Cuda was one of the wildest muscle cars to come out of detroit.
by Vespasian August 26, 2005

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In some MMORPG games, refers to when a group of players is hunting monsters. Sometimes when they attack one monster, other nearby monsters of the same type also engage and attack. Usually a very bad situation.
1. Oh hell, our puller got a link and we all died.
by Vespasian August 24, 2005

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