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Camping, but not in the traditonal outdoor style.
"Camping" (usually said using air commas) can mean one of two things:
1. Camping in someone's back yard; either for not being allowed out, or is no convient place to camp, or sleeping in the house is not cool enough. "Campers" believe that they can not be heard in the house, despite the fact that they are in a box made of material.
2. A group of friends going to a remote place in order to drink large amounts of alchohol, where in a normal sleepover would not be permitted.

"Camping" normally takes place where there is no free house.
1. Lisa: Can we stay at your house tonight?
Katie: Nah, rents won't let us.
Lisa: Shall we go camping?
Katie: I don't know anywhere to go. Lets go "camping" in my back yard.
Lisa: Safe.

2. Katie: Can we get wasted at your house?
Lisa: Nah, parents won't let us.
Katie: okay, lets go to a random field.
Lisa: Dinedor okay with you?
Katie: Yeah, lets go "camping"
by Lisa Maffia August 05, 2007
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