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The irritating pain in that that lives with you or your parents. The type that talks shit about every one he knows to you. Then turns around and talks shit about you to all those supposed friends he just said he can't stand an hour ago. Probably has no ability to drive a car or the car you need to do so. It's called a "Man" card. Has probably been in jail more than one time and has no desire to fix his own problems. The one that calls you from work (if he even has a job) bitching about how he hates his life, but thinks every one should worship the damn ground he walks on because he's dank is so good. Has no goals in life, but has the woman/family/grandparent it lives with make most of the money in the house, on top of trying to support their own self threw college. If the person supporting the home goes to college there a looser because they arn't making the same wage to support his life style. To want to better a carrier in a Medical Profession lets say for instance. Seriously, to tolerate some one like this you would have to have a strong sense of "crazy" to have thought it would work. The same type that sits on it's ass constantly, then gives you crap for wanting to take some needed R&R.
"Boy"friend' is tired and weak sauce.
Sick of the "Boy"friend.
*knock at the Door*
W: Hi, how are you?
M: *With the most beautiful flowers in hand* I'm Good, I came hear to see if you would like to go out and have some dinner with me this weekend. i know we worked together before and I really liked you, but it took some time for me to say some thing. Even when I installed your water I was choked up and couldn't.
W: I'm kind of in a relationship. He lives here with me.
M: Some guys have all the luck. You look amazing still.
W: Thanks man, but I'm sorry I can't I have a "Boy"friend.
*"Boy"friend calls*
*Your child picks up the phone*
C: Guess what? Theirs a dude at the door with flowers asking mommy on a date.
*Child brings you the phone*
"Boy"friend: Get that monkey off my porch. He shouldn't be coming to my door asking out my woman.
W: Calm it. I didn't even say yes.
"Boy"friend: You won't talk to me like I'm a dog you fucking bitch. Who the fuck do you think you are.
W: I'm not the one cursing.

"Boy"friend: Naw, fuck that you won't... and you won't...
W: Wow, sounds like with you I'll have no life at all. Backstabbing to people you claim to love, rude, selfish, lack morals but try to enforce what you think they are on others. You let your people trash my place with out helping and never back up your promises. Your lame. Your weaksauce and they were right. You don't love at all. BTW I paid for that house ass.
*hangs up*
by IsthatAstart May 05, 2010
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