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A slang word used as an expetive. An exclamation to say that something you didn't want to happen happened.

A good time.

An explosion
"BLAST!" I exclaimed before my mother admonished me and sent me to my room.

Shelly and I went to the My Chemical Romance concert and had a blast!

The blast of the bomb blew up half the city block and killed fifteen people.
by Caty-Marie May 11, 2005

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1: A boy one is emotionally attached to.

2: An accessory.

3: A friend who is male.
1: My boy friend and I went to the theatre last night.

2: Yeah, me and my boy friend went off and everyone was like "He is SO hot!"

3: Yeah, me and my boy friend are going out tonight. He's bringing a date and I'm bringing a digital camera.
by Caty-Marie June 24, 2005

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Wearing more than two bracelets and a watch on one wrist.

Commonly seen in people who cut themselves trying to hide it.

Also seen in people making a fashion statement.
Person 1: Where'd you get those bracelets?
Person 2: I got this one from Hot Topic, this one from Wal-Mart, this one from my parents, this one from my boyfriend-
Person 1: Girl, you're bracelet stacking.
by Caty-Marie August 23, 2005

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A pop-punk band that started in Waldorf/Naptown in Maryland. Brothers Joel and Benji are lead vox and back-up vox/guitar respectively. Billy Martin on the other guitar, Paul Thomas on the bass, and Chris Wilson on the drums complete this quintet.

Not considered punk by "hard-core" punk fans (who would rather be listening to Avril Lavigne), they are neither punk nor pop.

Many people listen to them because their single "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" hit number one. Their most famous song, however, "Hold On", got world-wide fame as one of the first songs that confronted teens and parents about teen suicide and encouraged them to get help. When many others were talking about cutting themselves and killing themselves, Good Charlotte was encouraging teens to get help.

The band doesn't deserve the crap they get from peopl. People say that they hate Good Charlotte's music when they've only heard one or two songs by them. They dislike anyone who likes their music because it's music that isn't afraid to play.
Person 1: "What're you listening to?"
Person 2: "Good Charlotte."
Person 3: "lIek!!!11 oMg!! dEy R sUcH pOsErS!!!111eleventy"
Person 1: "And they're not punk. I thought you said you were punk!"
Person 2: "I never said I was punk. I like punk, but I like Good Charlotte, too. And why am I defending my music to you? Later." (PERSON 2 WALKS AWAY)
Person 3: "bUt... gOOd cHaRlOttE iS, lIeK, sOoOo pOsErrr!11eleventy"
Person 1: "stfu/And you listen to... Hilary Duff?" (PERSON 1 LEAVES)
by Caty-Marie May 12, 2005

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