1.) Used to imitate noobish people.
2.) What happens when an over exited noobs take thier fingers off the shift key too soon, resulting in incorrect and highly annoying puntucation.
3.) Noob-talk for "!". Noobs sometimes add the "1s" at the end to look "cool".
Situation 1-

soccergurl24: Ya I know, how annoying is that? I was just minding my own business and he starts, like, harassing me

like "ZOHEMGEEEE will yu go outt with meh? PLZZ!!!!111"

Situation 2-
1eM73hB3$7: lyk ZOMG 1 amm lyk $00 kewllio!!!!111
by i am NOT a n00b May 31, 2009
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When 2 people meet and become best friends instantly over time
He is my 111
by Southo🐐🤫 January 31, 2023
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Manifesting every action in ones life.
Jordan never really stopped working, it’s almost as if he 111’d it.
by loverboimitch January 2, 2022
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Three ones:

Someone who doesn’t give one fuck about:

1. Their family, especially their children.
2. Their friends.
3. Their responsibilities.

Pretty much a walking shitbag, usually fueled by heavy drinking, illicit drug use, and inherent stupidity.
I have so many bills, and my kid needs me.... oh look, a big ball of crack!! 111, bitches!
by Green eggs and baaaam June 14, 2018
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The wishes for things unknown... the things you yearn to know... the thing you desire more than anything, but you can’t have... at least yet!!! The hope that this love doesn’t desolve before it can manifest... only time and fate will tell I guess... one thing I know and always have known is I love you!!

I just pray we will be able experience it... it will be breathtaking.... look at where we are now, with no communication... I will never give up!!
111:not so patiently waiting for my post to be published....

I love you!!!
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The act of a threesome where all interested parties are performing standing up.
I wouldn't mind taking those two back to my dojo and go 111.
by Lord of Nations March 6, 2018
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