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1.) Used to imitate noobish people.
2.) What happens when an over exited noobs take thier fingers off the shift key too soon, resulting in incorrect and highly annoying puntucation.
3.) Noob-talk for "!". Noobs sometimes add the "1s" at the end to look "cool".
Situation 1-

soccergurl24: Ya I know, how annoying is that? I was just minding my own business and he starts, like, harassing me

like "ZOHEMGEEEE will yu go outt with meh? PLZZ!!!!111"

Situation 2-
1eM73hB3$7: lyk ZOMG 1 amm lyk $00 kewllio!!!!111
by i am NOT a n00b May 30, 2009
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