a woman with meat on her bones not to over weight just a woman with junk in the trunk
by shaniese November 27, 2003
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meme abuse word, supposed to be spelt as thicc
if you say it's thick, it's meme abuse
by YeeterMeter June 19, 2020
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1. a word used to describe a female who may be defined by health charts as "overweight," but still attracts mad guys because the weight is in the right places (hips, buttocks, and breasts) a female with too much weight in the wrong places (like a huge gut stomach, or double/triple chins) would just be considered fat
2. a word used to describe someone who is dumb or slow-witted, as in "thick skull," meaning information has a hard time getting through to their brain
1. wow, that woman is thick, i want to freak her!
2. why are you pushing the door when it says pull, you're thick!
by Vee Dizzle September 19, 2007
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derogatory adjective, means not very bright (borderline to stupid)
Mary is a bit thick, she's not very smart, she couldn't get her thong on right.There are three holes and she always got one of the 2 WRONG ones around her waist.
by Jake January 30, 2004
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A female or even a male who has a very nice curvy shape. Or a nice way of some mean person saying someone is fat without offending them. More than likely it is a girl who has nicely sized hips, thighs, legs, breasts, and booty. But what the misunderstanding is that they have all these things and a small waist... that's not always the case. Someone can be a size 16 and be thick while another person can be that size and be fat. It mostly depends on a girl's height. Get That Right, A'ight?!!
-When a person is overweight and uncomfortable about their size, someone might say "You not fat u thick."
-Queen Latifah doesn't have a small waist, but she is not fat... she's THICK!!! :)
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1. A woman with healthy, curvaceous and attractive features surrounding a woman's reproductive region, especially including enlarged buttocks, voluptuous thighs, big legs, and wide hips. This is usually in contrast to a relatively slender torso, resulting in a high hip-to-waist ratio and establishing an aesthetically fertile sexual profile.
2. A woman with a gratuitous amount of fat prominently located within her hindquarters, buttocks, and thighs in contrast to her upper body. A physique that is highly coveted by many women.
3. An incorrectly defined slender woman or anime character that should be defined as skinny, average, or thin. Ergo, not skinny, not average, not slender, not fit, and not slim. Such characters are usually depicted as wearing thigh-highs - aka zettai ryouiki - which enhances thin thighs by squeezing fat surrounding it and falsely suggesting additional curvaceousness where there isn't.
1. "She can make her ass clap so loud just from bouncing up and down. That girl is hella thick!"
2. "That girl is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal!"
3. "Anime characters are usually very skinny, tall, and not thick at all."
by lewdnano May 30, 2020
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