"For Fuck's Sake!"
aka FFS
aka 4FS
aka 4fs
Originally used in Quake 3, created and defined by team OLD
(The Mike's)
You just got 'naded by a spammer.

A common reply to this might be:

This spawned into Forums, email, IM, and other online games such as WoW
by M 2teh C March 15, 2006
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abbreviation for "For Fucks Sake"

A term used to emphasise a statement or action, similiar use as for Christ sakes or for goodness sakes etc.
FFS you are gorgeous!

Quite being so down on yourself FFS.
by mad trapper March 26, 2010
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Find First Set. Used in Linux programming as a quick way to find which is the first bit of a word, starting from the least significant bit, that is set.
From the Linux kernel arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mtrr/generic.c:

high_width = ffs(size_or_mask & 0xffffffffUL) - 1;

high_width becomes the bit position of the least significant bit set in size_or_mask. Note, the least significant bit for ffs is 1, not 0, because 0 is returned if no bit is set. The -1 is used to convert the result of ffs() to the standard bit numbering.
by Linux nerd May 18, 2011
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Fat Fuck Syndrome. A person with type-2 diabetes caused by their obesity and poor health habits. Origin guy with type-1 and friend.
Do you have type-1 or type-2 diabetes? Well I do not suffer FFS, so i have type-1.
by GAMECOCK-type1 March 04, 2012
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