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An excuse used for a badly missed tackle in Madden. It suggests that the user deliberately "set the edge" so that the computer assistance could aid in bringing the runner down. It also implies that the user has deep understanding of gap philosophies. The phrase is often used as a defense mechanism to cover up for a lack of general skill, particularly in tackling. User generally thinks they are the best Madden player ever.
*Brandon runs with Lamar Jackson to the left and jukes Krishn on the way to a 59 yard gain.*

Krishn: Thank God I set the edge. That run would have been a touchdown for sure!
Brandon: *Rolls eyes*
by zeropersonality November 07, 2019
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QH, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't use Lamar Jackson to cheat every day in Madden. Try learning the actual game, Chris.
by zeropersonality January 21, 2020
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NFL QB with superhuman running abilities and decent passing skills. 2019 version of Michael Vick, only bigger and stronger. A virtual Madden cheat code. A paradox no defense has been able to understand, let alone stop.
Lamar Jackson passed for 3 touchdowns and ran for 95 yards today. Generational talent!
by zeropersonality November 26, 2019
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A taunt used to shame and further infuriate an already disturbed individual. Often used in the gaming world but can be applied in many situations. A variation of "you mad bro?" The phrase is used to incense the victim into a state of unmitigated rage and/or anti-social behavior. Best served with a subdued or amiable tone. Can be repeated until victim reaches desired state of emotional turmoil.
*John loses at Madden due to a fumble at the goal line*
Chris: How mad are you right now?
John: Pretty mad. Lamar Jackson never fumbles!
Chris: But how mad are you right now?
John: *primal scream*
by zeropersonality March 12, 2020
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Translation: You are annoying and our interactions need to end immediately.

Uttered when a person realizes a dating partner is not worth it/crazy. A form of "it's not you, it's me." A lie to quickly end things without hurting the other person's feelings. Often has the opposite effect as the other party may engage in manipulative techniques to avoid a break up. Smooth as butter when it works.
Scenario 1
Person A: Hey I know we've been seeing each other for a while but after a lot of thinking, I'm not ready for a relationship.

Person 2: Oh I see. Well I guess I'll see you around. Thanks for letting me know.

Scenario 2
Person A: Hey I know we've been seeing each other for a while but after a lot of thinking, I'm not ready for a relationship.

Person B: What do you mean? *Insert 3 hours of bs*

Person A: I'm sorry I can't talk about this anymore. *Blocks person B*
by zeropersonality January 31, 2020
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Brand New Attitude. Derived from the show Bojack Horseman, where Bojack listens to motivational tapes to get him out of his depressive funk. He tries to adopt a brand new attitude that he can change, get healthier, and have a positive life. Unfortunately his tragic character flaws will not allow him to overcome his severe childhood trauma and appreciate the positive things in his life (fame, health, fortune, friends, independence, family, and love interests).

BNA is also the abbreviation of the Nashville International Airport, oddly enough.
I've got a BNA from listening to these motivational tapes. Time for me to tell everyone about my life changes!
by zeropersonality December 07, 2019
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