Used when You are Kicking ass, Or when you are going to.
-It's Time to Bojack some Bitches!
by Bojack Attack November 25, 2007
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Someone that’s being a bitch and a ninny.

A member of the Fuckface Foursome.
This bojack is being a bitch ninny, a Hollywood finocchio that cries like a woman.
by Paolotron October 1, 2019
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Gray market. I worked for a direct sales firm as backroom staff. In in-home sales the salesman takes a lot of time to demonstrate the product. Sometimes he convinces the customer of the product but the customer buys it from a store such as a pawn shop where new ones are sold without the markup which is the salesman's commission. That happens when a dealer in another territory gray markets the product. It undermines the whole business.

The guy I worked for was from Texas and he called it "bojacking" and the gray marketers "bojackers". The gray market items were sold without a warranty and I wrote a computer program to spot a pattern of lots of units ordered but few warranties coming back.

Since he came from Texas and Texas is next to Louisiana I suspected the term was from Cajun French as "Beau Jacque." I see elsewhere that Beau Jacque or Beau Jocque is indeed Cajun for a big guy or good ol' boy.
"This report will get some of those dirty bojackers out there."
by Danlantic November 26, 2017
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Racist hillbilly, usually from the southern states.
"The bojacks voted for Bush, causing 4 more years of idiocy."
by DTKM November 27, 2004
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Refers to the athlete Bo Jackson, used to describe someone who has all the potential in the world, and never meets that potential. Someone who blows it. May be an unfair association since Jackson did not blow his career (see Dwight Gooden) but was injured.
by A.Warm June 28, 2006
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BoJack Horseman is an animated character who is filled with self-loathing, self-hatred and depression, he hates himself, he an alcoholic and he is bitter about everyone around him.
To feel bojacked is to feel down, depressed, angry at the universe and at yourself.
It's sunday, you are broke, you have load of responsibilities which none are done, you feel like a piece of shit, everyone around had their life figured out, and you are drowning in your alcohol and cigarettes and want to just end this shit. you might as well say "i feel bojacked"
by Bifrost October 28, 2018
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If someone is Bojacked they are depressed, tired, always drunk and selfish - basically a mess.
Reference to character Bojack Horseman from Netflix show Bojack Horseman

This phrase is coined by singer, Selina Fever in recent EP, I Thought I Was Dreaming, If I Seemed Distance in the single White Lighter.
He was Bojacked

I am Bojacked
by fregh November 2, 2019
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