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1. A weak or undependable member of a group. 2. A person regarded as timid or indecisive.
Jim's a fuckin' weak sister, he couldn't decide whether to shit or go blind.
by zboss June 10, 2007

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Wallet usually made of leather, usually large size that is carried in a hip pocket and secured to the wearers belt by a chain. Popular with bikers and truck drivers.
The guy was carrying about a thousand dollars in one of those chain drive wallets.
by zboss November 05, 2006

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Any foreign material, undesirable material, or unidentified substance.
Don't use that spoon, there's gwarnum on it, here's a clean one.
by zboss June 22, 2007

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A euphemism used to politely describe a situation where an apparent malfunction is caused by the operator instead of the machine.

(Also "Cockpit Problems")
Person #1: "Jim says he can't get the new copier to work."

Person #2: "It must be cockpit trouble. It has been working fine for me."
by zboss April 27, 2009

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