82 definition by your best idiot

a disaease that goes straight to your head

Symptoms include:
A strong liking for Iggy Koopa
Constantly rearranging your daily schedule to include Iggy Koopa
Your favourite singer is Jon Bon Jovi because he sounds like Iggy Koopa
The desperate need to find Green Hair Spray
A Love for forests
Going Nuts and/or Crazy
the need to wear thick-ring glasses
Speaking little English and lots of Gibberish
Thinking God is Iggy Koopa
You flood your bedroom with Iggy Koopa paraphenailia
You change your name to Iggy (insert last name here)
Creating Iggyism

Iggy Koopa Syndrome is serious and should be taken seriously, as it can escalate and you start telling people that Iggyism is a religion and start converting people, even the homedogs, to Iggyism
Woman: My child has been suffering from Iggy Koopa syndrome and now he tells me to convert to Iggyism and when i walk into his room, Iggy Koopa related stuff is in there, even cans of green hair spray!
Woman 2: Wow, My child has been suffering from Iggy Koopa syndrome too! except he tells the family to convert to Iggyism! he mowed the grass to look like his head so this "Iggy Koopa" can watch as he prays to him as a GOD!
Woman: Anything we can do?
Man: No, they're gonna live with this until they snap out of it
by your best idiot April 10, 2010

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some shit holiday where one guy can zing another by saying something they made up, followed by the event, followed by the saying "Happy april FOOL's day!" followed by the occasional Jajaja. Events can range from: a delayed laugh, to a truth, to someone literally dying
Commitment, Commitment issues, bad choices, and April Fool's Days are the main causes of breakups, besides, i don't have any good material
by your best idiot April 07, 2010

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best meal in the world. Vegetarians will snap out of their near-deadly ways to get 1 slice of the meal Italy invented
G1: Dude, i just had this pizza slice, wanna try?
G2: No way man, i'm a vegetarian
G1: That's false man, try it! it's good!
G2: no, i'd rather eat tofu
G1: that last serving of tofu you ate was nothing but pizza! goes with everything!
by your best idiot March 16, 2010

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1) Homework
2) Mood changes
3) Depression
one of those 3 is the true cause of suicide
by Your Best Idiot April 23, 2010

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Private email so your parents won't look at what the fuck you're doing
Everybody uses Hotmail now
by your best idiot April 17, 2010

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To use your legs to launch you off the ground, used to reach higher places
I can jump 2 feet into the air, then i kick my legs around. like Luigi
by your best idiot March 28, 2010

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1: the most powerful and oldest wizard in the Mushroom Kingdom

2: a portmanteau of Cake mix and the store chain Kmart

3: Badass and good-lookin'
1: I can shave your head with a flick of the wrist! YOU HEAR ME PATHETIC TOAD!?!

2: I gotta buy some Kamek

3: You see that guy over there? he's a damn Kamek if you ask me
by your best idiot March 10, 2010

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