An extremely gay wrestling pin/sex move, where one male lays spread eagle across another while driving his crotchal region into the others side repeatedly.
Dude did you see that? Dave just did the killa on that guy!

Man am i sore from wrestling practice, Dave showed me the killa!
by redpbassist February 10, 2009
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My killa mix lit up the joint last night at the club
by Tim September 28, 2004
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fine ass weed. u trip over one hit. its normaly puff puff pass. wit killa it puff pass out.
that nigga is hoggin the killa. he done turnt me into a killa
by AnDiZzYo October 9, 2003
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-a murderer (obvious)
-really good weed
-a term white people can use instead of nigga, same amount of syllables but not "racist"
-He's a killa
-I'm puffin on that killa
-Whaddup killa?
by Jilla Killa March 22, 2009
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An asshat in an Adidas tracksuit and a Maska helmet adorned in an Adidas livery. Wears a tan armor carrier with his name painted on it so he can remember it. Yells in Russian and sprints around the mall with an RPK. Often scares the shit out of you when you least expect it. Some say he is the one true slav, but he's really just a fucking dick.
"FUCK! It's Killa!"

"Killa divided my cheese last night. Sprinted right up to me yelling some bullshit and hosed me down with his RPK. Fucking dick."
by iamablackmanSEEMEROAR!!! July 31, 2019
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Yo, go holla at Dre, he got dat Killa!
by SouthernBoi August 13, 2003
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