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who's that...kwyjibo? over there!
George W. Bush
by your best idiot March 11, 2010

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1: a specified amount of time
2: a window of time that a woman experiences agony in their unchartered territory and can last long, usually noticed by blood stains because the vagina is leaking blood

3: ... a dot terminating the sentence
1: there's only a period of time before some strange thing happens
2: Why is there blood coming out of me? i did not cout myself... oh shit... my period... ... ... ...AUGHHHH!!!
by your best idiot April 14, 2010

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1: Ripped off
2: The stem of the penis
3: Victim of a trick pulled by a friend
4: Treated like shit where you work
5: a long square tube that rises for stories by use of an elevator
6: a place where gold is mined
1: that dude shafted me, my 10$ action figure broke
2: I exercised my shaft for a while
3: My freind shafted me! now the TV's are showing me during my bout of racism and everyone thinks i'm a prick!
4: My boss shafted me, not to worry, he's shafting demons in hell
5: The elevator's cable broke and we were flying through the shaft, worst... day... EVER!
6: I mined 50 kgs of gold from my private shaft, i transformed them into 24-karat gold Loonies, there's so much, i do not know how much i have in Loonies
by your best idiot June 06, 2010

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Is an asshole
your boss is also self-explanatory
by your best idiot April 05, 2010

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a term used by Donkey Kong in the 90's tv show "Donkey Kong Country" usually meaning "Falcon Punch"
King K. Rool: HOLY @^&*
*epic kwyjibo-like pwnage*
by your best idiot March 13, 2010

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something George W. Bush is
You. are. TERRIBLE!
by your best idiot April 07, 2010

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The 7 deadly sins are actually common, they're sins 'cuz they kill in large amounts
this is the list
1: Pride - the thought of having the highest position in life
2: Envy - the need to steal the belongings and/or the traits of others
3: Lust - the frequent need for pleasure (sick, huh?)
4: Avarice - the low, but hard, need for large amounts of high-cost objects (rings, diamonds, etc.)
5: Wrath - Occasional bouts of anger to get mood levels within normal bounds
6: Sloth - The highest commom sin: the need to lounge and/or do hobbies
7: Gluttony - the feeling you have a low weight, and you ingest a lot, more than regular. results in diarrhea
a typical man under the effects of the Seven Deadly Sins:
1: I'm the man for this! Step aside!
2: Wait, you do, i'll just watch every second with excruciating detail
3: There any chick's around here?
4: And I won't pay you for this!
6: Do this while i do nothing
7: That's it, i'm raiding the fridge
by your best idiot April 06, 2010

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