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obsessed with whatshisname.
"Bret, dude, your fucking nuts. Quit talking about that guy and get a fucking life will you dickhead"
by youdon'tknowme! November 25, 2011
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Something in today's advanced world you would think would have at least a medical treatment for it, even a cure.
"Tha guy looking for a cure for Asperger's Syndrome, do you reckon he has it himself"?
by youdon'tknowme! February 28, 2012
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as opposed to a jock, people who dedicate their time to pursue a career in sport and don't have 100% arrogance because of their superior fitness to non-sportsmen! have a competitive edge though through their sports dedication, and sees life outside their sport, and not always their jock teammates (not always their mates), girls and beer!
Campbell is an athlete loved by everyone through his dedication to his many talents in various sports and community service!
by youdon'tknowme! November 15, 2010
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A lifetime of insults because of their superior intellect and supposed lack of social skills. The latter is not always true.
Nerds do have a circle of friends from a variety of stereotypes. They may just prefer their own company, other nerds' company or may not have the time to socialise with others. Or, find other more overbearing people, for example, a jock, overbearing, rude, arrogant, and hypocritical to name a few.
It is also the nerds who invented the tv, computer, radio just amongst a small set of things, which are used in most of today's society for many social, yes, social events, for example, sports and sports clubs, which are used to a jocks' advantage (a touch hypocritical from those jocks who insult nerds)!
Nerds, through use of their brains, ideas, have contributed to a more advanced society, and their inventions and intelligence, despite their constant abuse and insults from others, are being made to good use by many non-nerds, and making their jobs more easier than it once was.
Nerds are often good-hearted people with righteous morals, and don't deserve the negative stereotypes they are betrayed as by jocks in particular.
It is nerds who have made other stereotypes (eg. jocks') jobs that much easier.
If we were all stereotyped the same way, wouldn't that make for a boring world? Or even a thoughtless, immoral one where we all have to be like this, that, etc etc?
Other stereotype: "Sometimes we tend to forget just how useful nerds have been to society."
"Good to make fun of because they're weak, unfit, don't have a life, are still virgins, and because we use the same stuff like computers, tv, cameras, radios that they were good for."
"And what do they ever get from anybody in return?"
by youdon'tknowme! February 28, 2012
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The best stereotype there is.
Ones whose lifestyle will stop them filling up jail cells, taking drugs and committing serious, violent crimes!
They have the best lifestyle ever!
"Nerds do not bother with popularity contests as all everyone else is interested in is partying, getting drunk and all other shit!"
by youdon'tknowme! September 15, 2012
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people who think they are more important than the world itself...because they play sports.
what about doctors, nurses, humanitarian workers, making the world a better place and the real heroes of todays society! should they think they are better than anyone else?
well theyre better than jocks for sure!
there are certainly those who are good for nothing except for their sports, drinking/other drugs, raping people of both sexes and committing other crimes, and getting a pat on the back or cock up the arse by their jock mates!
many who play their sports are bogans or other words you can use to describe people who do nothing for society except filling up jail.
and they do spend their time on urban dictionary and doing other "nerdy" things, despite what they say.
and you also dont even have to look at them to get a response like "what are you lookin at faggot?" or along those lines!
of course, then you get those who pick on others and stop if they meet their match, or even someone who is more than that!
now this doesnt mean that all of them are like this, but if some turned on each other and ending up killing themselves the world would be a much better place!
of course the sports clubs must share some of the blame though!
random 1: "hey did you see brent didn't say a word to us today?"
random 2: "yeah jason must have did something to him or said something to shut him the fuck up"
random 1: "yeah typical cock nob jockey serves him fuckin right if it did hey?"
by youdon'tknowme! November 15, 2010
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some insecure, sad souls who spread bullshit on internet about people on forums like this one
Anonymous no.1: "hey, have you seen those messages describing that guy on here?"

Anonymous no.2: "yeah, must be keyboard warriors, fuck the lot of them hey?"
by youdon'tknowme! July 15, 2010
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