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Manga and Anime about Gon Freeks who is in search of his father. Lots of supernatural and superhuman abilities.
by Idiotsynkracy May 20, 2005
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Screaming dudes punching stuff with a sprinkle of gay and a whiff of pedophilia
Person 1: Have you watched Hunter x Hunter?
Person 2: Yeah it’s supposed to be shounen but if I didn’t know any better I’d think Hisoka wants to make Gon scream in a different way
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by Astravaea July 26, 2018
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To "hunter x hunt" or to be a "hunter x hunter"
This is a definition for a person(s) who are getting laid with friends/co-workers ex girl/boyfriend(s).
Dude you're such a hunter x hunter, I saw you leave with my ex last night.


I'm such a douche, I've been hunter x hunting these last couple o' months.
by J.Lindhe aka. wANi December 09, 2006
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