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The female version of bukkake, where a lucky man or woman is shejaculated on by a group of women (preferably squirters). The more the merrier.
"Did you see that Fekkake porn that just came out? 50 chicks and one dude; it's like a polygamist's wet dream!"
by yeastinfectionbakery October 08, 2012
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A high class cunt; often not as valuable as is believed, and very expensive to maintain.
"She's the cuntcedes of cunts, the worst kind of cunt!"
by yeastinfectionbakery October 15, 2012
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The condition of which one shoves a cock so far down their throat that it causes permanent esophageal damage. Symptoms include scratchy irritation, trouble breathing, slurred speech, and an occasional bout of herpes.
"Amy caught Streptoccockulous; I told her not to insert Dan's dick any further than the uvula."
by yeastinfectionbakery July 14, 2012
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