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Also the name of a group of Texas rappers headed by Austin DJ Rapid Ric. Members include Magno(aka Magnificent), Mr. Bavu Blakes, Rhyno and Chalie Boy.
That's whut it dew babeh!
by ya daddy May 14, 2006
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On top of the afformed mention, its mostly used when you have a badass freestyle.
maaaaan...that boy wreckedshop! wreckshop
by ya daddy May 14, 2006
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Yall are dumb. Poppin Trunk is showcasing Neon Lights in the back of your trunk which opens with hydrolics making it slowly rise while popping open. Usually done while parked or slowly swangin. Its a Texas thang babeh!
Im a be poppin trunk on them boys!
by ya daddy May 14, 2006
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A word that only a true G can say. A Skeed can replace anything.
Man I hope he make that shot.....SKKED! he did.
by ya daddy March 7, 2003
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when someone constantly sits there and says you’re their only but non stop has all her pussy whipped hoes in her phone. always coming up with excuses on how she isn’t wrong in situations. basically a piece of shit player. stay far away
caysi is a mothafuckin cheating hoe
by ya daddy December 5, 2018
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