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Pronounced (Ch-ahh-Lee)
Meaning: All good, copacetic
1. Guy1 "hey bro! did you get the job?" Guy2 "you already know boy, Its Chalie"
or could be used in a way to defer yourself from something.
2. Guy1 "ay you going to that party tonight?" Guy2 "Nah its koo, im Chalie."
by Deluv June 01, 2009
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Chalie is so hot she’s always the life of the party. She can get any guy she wants. She is very smart and very talented in a lot of ways. But she’s very hard on herself and always feels like she’s less than even though she might not show it. She has big dreams ahead of her but she’ll make those dreams into reality.
Look at that girl”! “Yeah that’s chalie
by Chalie April 03, 2018
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