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The ecstatic sensation some people experience when taking the prescription medication Lortab. A combination of the drug name Lortab and the word euphoria.
I took a Lortab about an hour ago and I have a great case of loraphoria.
by xtremerange March 11, 2011
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When a business decision or project is delayed due to the chaos of days off, vacations and general apathy towards the end of December.
Worker 1: You know how we were hoping to make the purchase by December 15th. We missed that so it won't happen until January.

Worker 2: Another holidelay. Now the project won't get finished until spring.
by xtremerange December 20, 2012
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A 2013 version of "jumping the shark". A reference to Miley Cyrus' video "Wrecking Ball" in which she licks a sledgehammer. That is the point where her career trajectory topped out.
Friend 1: I loved that bar. Just wished they had not changed their menu so much. The old food was way better.
Friend 2: Completely understand. They thought they were being daring and would get a new crowd. They really were just licking the sledgehammer with that idea.
by xtremerange October 09, 2013
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