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Guile's theme song from the Street Fighter game series. It sounds awesome, and it goes well with everything.
There's a bunch of YouTube videos that proves that the Guile theme really does go with everything.
by xldr July 29, 2010
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Often used on YouTube as a compliment. Use of this term does not mean that a video is actually flagged, but that the content of the video was so awesome that the viewer thought it was sexy.
Dude, flagged for sexual content.
by xldr July 10, 2010
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Apple's way of suckering iPhone 4 customers for more money. The grip of death refers to the iPhone 4 antenna, which was inconveniently placed right where one would normally have their pinky finger when holding a phone. Touching the antenna causes the iPhone to have extremely poor reception.

This made it necessary for people to buy iPhone cases if they wished to use their iPhones as an actual phone. Steve Jobs once raffled off an iPhone case, almost as if he'd made the grip of death on purpose.
customer: Damn, the reception on my iPhone 4 sucks!

Apple employee: Oh, that's caused by the grip of death. You can solve the problem by buying one of our iPhone cases. There are a lot to choose from! Take a look!

customer: Why the hell should I have to buy an accessory to make my phone work properly?
by xldr August 11, 2010
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A "reward" one gets for merely participating. Although usually given with good intentions, more often than not it will remind the owner that he failed, and that his best is not good enough.
"Congratulations, here's a participation award, for doing your best!"
"...because apparently my best isn't good enough to actually win something."
by xldr November 28, 2011
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A date where the guy picks up the girl, pays for both people, and drops off the girl. Basically a date where the guy does all the work.
Man, that pick pay n drop really burned a hole in my pocket.
by xldr December 01, 2010
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A price one would be willing to buy something for without a second thought; usually results in an impulse buy.
I found that TV I was looking for in a pawn shop and it was at my autobuy price, so I decided to scoop it up really quickly.
by xldr July 15, 2011
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