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A person who enjoys eating very good food, or tasty, often sugar or fat laden food. A person who eats solely for pleasure.
Yes, cookies again, I'm a nomnomnomnivore
by xMelz February 15, 2011

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White trash male who has achieved bogan status, via acquisition, far exceeding that of its mates. Its name is from the Australian term “bogan” and the Latin word for “king.” Literally, king of the bogans.
Ute, boat, dirt bike, jet ski, massive BBQ, big dog, patriotic tattoos... He's not just your average bogan, he's Boganus Rex.
by xMelz June 13, 2010

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For when a footprint isn't big enough. We don't have kinds, we don't care about yours, and we aren't going to live for ever. Disregard for the environment to an extent no longer covered by 'Carbon Footprint'. Also: Carbon Ass Groove (US)
Every light in the house has to be on? Are you working on your Carbon Arse Groove?
by xMelz May 13, 2010

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Acute mental disorder occuring in humans when they are restricted to 3 square metres of open plan office space for 8-16 hours each week day. Manic symptoms displayed by office workers. See also: cubechosis (US), zoochosis.
2010, from the common pod - "office space" + Mod.L. -osis "abnormal condition."
The repetitive nature of modern office work exposes humans to the very real threat of podchosis.
by xMelz May 17, 2010

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The Common Bogan. The larval phase of the Bogan genus, into which Bogans are born. Metamorphosis occurs upon acquistion of high-end technological and motorised distractions, installment-plan furniture and patriotic tattoos creating the Boganus Rex. However, metamorphosis is not guaranteed and many Bogans remain in the larval stage for their entire lives.
Stevo failed to mature from boganus vulgaris after AGC refused him further credit, the trade-in for his ute fell through and he failed to develop a taste for Stella Artois over VB.
by xMelz June 14, 2010

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