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hard on the surface, but soft in the middle. a person who wants others to perceive them as hardcore, but in reality, this person is really a little bitch.
you a poptart. i eat you for breakfast.
by wreckage February 10, 2003

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a male/female who, after having protected sex with another man, remove his condom and slurp the cum out like it's a raw oyster.
HOLY SHIT: that slurper just gagged on a mouthful of semen!
by wreckage February 10, 2003

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violent, explosive diarreah after eating vietnamese food. is usually red and feels like you are shitting razor blades.
get me to a fucking bathroom NOW. Mekong River is about to flow!
by wreckage February 10, 2003

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that would be:

getting a hummer by a horsefaced bitch who is drunk on mexican wine.
bj fell asleep, totally bonged, and awoke to find that the horseface had given him a sweet sparklecock.
by wreckage May 17, 2004

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a white person that has a fetish for asian women/men. white on the outside/yellow on the inside.
goddamit, i am such a fucking egg. i get rock hard every time i go to the asian market and see those tight asian women.
by wreckage February 09, 2003

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