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ROTRC is an acronym for Rolling On The Red Carpet, which is probably still the most glorious and fabulous thing you can do these days.
- The Queen's birthday is this Friday!
- Woah! Will she be ROTRC?
- You bet!
by world_eggplant April 17, 2010
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When something is completely ungoverned and incredibly awesome, more awesome than simply saying fucking awesome, the term fuckwin awesome fits perfectly.
fuckwin being an abbreviation of fucking and win, followed by awesome, which is purely awesome.
Craig #1: Take a look at this knife, it has Steven Seagal's autograph engraved!
Craig #2: Fuckwin awesome! Ordering it now!
by world_eggplant November 17, 2009
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The diamond shaped wear on your unwashed jeans by your crotch after a couple of months of usage.
Woah, nice marriage pussy you got there on your jeans!
Thanks, dude! I'm thinking of dry cleaning them next week, I hope they turn out good!
by world_eggplant April 21, 2011
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