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When you find out that saliva does taste of something.
My first kiss was with Jenny, it tasted funny. Bubble gum I think.
by wonker March 14, 2004
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A person who's attitude and agression will P-O some people shortly after meeting him. A P-O is usually a large domineering man, but has the mental age of a 15 yr old, full of pointless aggression bottle in an oversized adults body
Per came into the room, red in the face screaming at a worker about something gonme wrong, other turn toeach other and say what is PO babbling about now?
by Wonker December 02, 2003
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A thing, anything, usefull thing.

Not a sexual thing or action such as Wanker which some low brows believe
."Take the wonker son,and place in front of the door to stop it opening" "Whats a wonker dad"? "Any old thing sone that will do the job"!
by Wonker December 02, 2003
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A long lost biblical term which means "to look forward not back"!
Job and the chaps where on their Many camels (Mc), when Job lost his wife in a silly way, he looked back and she turned to salt. His gang always said in the future to not do a "McJob", Shit it up, so that the past (crap) would not catch them up.
by wonker December 02, 2003
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