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Any of the obnoxious bloodsucking parasites of the genus Dick, which are known to infest various human populations throughout North America, mainly in the South. These annoying little creatures produce a nasty reaction, with complications including;

-Ignorance, intolerance, and insolence (the three i's)

-General stupidity, and the labeling of any government-questioning news source as "Liberal Media"

-A lowered sense of global awareness, usually in addition to an overheightened fear of terrorism.

-Dick Cheney is a known carrier of the fatal disease Republicanitis. Everyone who catches this affliction dies (sooner or later).
"Go Fuck Yourself"
-Dick Cheney
by wilbur January 15, 2005
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someone who jacks off with a condom on
God that rob harney is such a zonger
by wilbur June 09, 2003
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a certian person that lacks intelligence and finness. someone who does stupid shit thats obviously dumb
josh is a poopdink, he drives a white trash camaro, and tows jeeps by the steering linkage
by wilbur April 19, 2005
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A person that has the ability to fix, repair, or modify just about anything, even if its not the right way, it seems to work for some bizzare reason. this person is often doubted by others, but thier doubts are not usually credible.
go see Mikey Rig it All if you want that car to be fast. He can modify anything.
by wilbur February 20, 2006
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Term generally indicating DDR and yoyo masters. Ultimate breed of human unparalleled by the rest of mankind. epitome of human evolution. BEST THERE IS TO BE!
Wilbur is the only inVeRtigOx there is, give it up.
by Wilbur January 22, 2003
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a small piece of turd which clings to ones ass hairs after a shite
oo rob harney has a prannet stuck to his boxers... hes such a retard
by wilbur June 09, 2003
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