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kickin the bitch in the pussy
Just give her a cunt-punt
by Wiggles January 09, 2005

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A couch which is often used as a bed. Reports indicate the original bouch may be located in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
Ian crashed on the bouch again last night
by Wiggles April 06, 2004

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The sequel to the original Xbox

Also known as Sony's worst nightmare
Wether you like it or not, Xbox is the most powerful home console to date, and Xbox 2 will be even stonger
by wiggles November 29, 2004

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When a website experiences a surge in user traffic to the point of grinding to a halt. Often this results in web masters having to foot huge bills if they pay by bandwidth.
Damn slashdotted site!!!!
by wiggles May 21, 2003

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