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Hydroponically grown marijuana
Yo let's go blaze some hydro.
by Weedman January 12, 2003

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Marijuana that is old or has a lot of shake, or just some bap ass weed. At least thats how we say in Florida.
"Yo dont by trees from that nigga DaJuan, that nigga be servin that hay dog straight up."
by WeedMan March 08, 2004

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An insult, typically used when angry. The word, despite the word 'nigger', has no racist connotation to it, and can be used when insulting a member of any race.
That buttnigger just cut me off!
by weedman March 29, 2005

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a good boy, who's a perv and thinks of nasty stuff every 5 secs... but however he is still so sweet, so cute... a typical dutch boy...
jorrit is so fine, he blows my mind
by weedman October 08, 2003

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A plant that gets you high
roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit, pass that shit!
by weedman July 23, 2002

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low quality weed that's not worth smoking
Why would you waste money smoking bap my nigga? You shoulda bought that 'dro!
by Weedman February 26, 2005

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a name used to tease someone
hey punkalicious get me some beer
by weedman September 01, 2004

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