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Making sweet passionate love with an individual online. Oh, baby.
Hey Swag, wanna have sweet passionate sex with me online?
by Wakka November 16, 2003

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The Greatest Outdoor Show on earth!
Takes place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the month of July.
It's 10 straight days of rodeo, mini donuts, country music, rides, and the occasional beer!
"You know that the Calgary Stampede's in town when on every city block, at least 1 person is wearing a cowboy hat"

"Time to get your cowboy on!"
by Wakka July 22, 2006

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Cheap body spray that smells like chemicals but has titles like "sweet hawaiian sensations" and "lovely lavender"

A wide variety found at your local Wal Mart!
*Sprays on Calgon*
"Why is my skin burning?"
by Wakka July 24, 2006

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An NHL team located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada whose only won the Stanley Cup once in 89'. They choked in the final round in 04' to Tampa Bay. Their famed player and basically the whole team is Jarome Iginla "Iggy".
Whats the difference between the Calgary flames and a bra? The flames only have one cup.
by wakka July 18, 2005

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The mini-Detroit of Calgary in the Northwest. AKA - the ghetto.
Person 1 - "Dude last night I went to this party in Forest Lawn"

Person 2 - "How many?"

Person 1 - "How many what?"

Person 2 - "How many casualties?"

Person 1 - "Oh.. 3, no biggie."
by Wakka July 29, 2006

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