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The famed killer of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Which the assasination led to World War 1
Franz Ferdinand Was Killed by Gavrilo Princip!
by Vivek April 09, 2005
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refers to mammaries, usually of female but can be used for male mammaries also.
she's got big momme.
by vivek March 05, 2005
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The process of having anal sex.
Hitler loved bunghold surfing with Eva Braun.
by vivek July 16, 2004
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Super phatty PKT party.. that was just maxing, relaxing, the best thing
ever..the best atmosphere... I totally felt like.. connected.. and safe.. and
it was just pleasant.. no overt grinding grossness all the time.. just like
fun and cool.. and yeah it was about dancing.. not grinding. Hear that kids?
by vivek September 21, 2003
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