5 definitions by vinceyB

1. To accidently message someone on AIM
2. To fire a gun inaccurately
3. To urinate inaccurately
4. To miss the vagina during coitus
1. "Sorry wrong IM, I've misAIM'd you"

2. Debra: "ouch Johnny what's up with the misaim tonight"
by vinceyB August 15, 2005
The term refers to any raised trucks usually driven by the clique more commonly known as bro
Bro check out that Bro Edition F-150; it's quite the hotness.
by vinceyB November 8, 2005
A water pipe that can be inserted in the female vagina as marijuana is being smoked through the device itself. While at the same time the smoking apparatus is being used as a dildo for female pleasure.
omfg I can't believe they just made a beaver bong out of that chick!
by vinceyB October 30, 2005
1. The process when an individual with a gun continually shoots the firearm at a body posthumously untill all the bullets in the clip are spent.
Turk dog just clipped out that one fool!
by vinceyB October 14, 2005