1. Non-transsexual
2. A description of a person whose mental gender and physical sex are and always have been aligned (a female woman, a male man)
We assume that everyone we meet is cissexual. We never consider that the average person in the street might have a diverse gender history.
by another constellation April 5, 2009
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a better term and more professional word for "super straight" and a less stupid sounding name. During the troll storm on all social medias. People forgot the term "super straight" was a joke and started taking it seriously to the point where people decided to make it a real thing. However people find the term more hateful than what it used to be when people from 4chan got to it. And overall easier to say. Cissexual is the attraction to people that identify as their biological sex. They respect trans people, but they aren't their type.
person 1: You're super straight?

person 2: no, i'm cissexual

person 1: ok
by f3ggy fr34k March 12, 2021
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Related to an outdated term for the transgender community, "transsexual(s)" coined in the late 1800's. A fundamentally-flawed parody of the offensive origins of the slur towards non-cis people.
"I identify as cissexual!"
"Mhm... and how is that like real again?"
by veryuglycarrot October 10, 2022
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