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To vacate an area completely of all humans, usually rapidly and in response to an emergency situation.

etymology: "de-" (prefix, "remove") + "ass" = "get everyone's asses out of here"
When the bomb threat came, everyone was in a big hurry to deass the area.
by tora321 June 03, 2010
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To get the hell out of a given situation
Our exes walked into the restaurant so my friend and I had to de ass ourselves outta there!

The cops crashed the party so I de assed myself to a safer place.

Some guy brought a bomb to the bar so we had to de ass the area.

I am way to drunk so am gonna de ass myself home...

I am tired of the city so I am gonna de ass myself somewhere else
by cityguychicago August 12, 2009
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To exit a place or situation very quickly so things wont go badly.
"dude, when that girls boyfriend came home early, i had to de-ass the house!!"
by ninja foot 28 May 08, 2009
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Deass: To exit or leave any given place.
I'm glad this shift is just about over, I'm ready to deass this place.
by vernon February 02, 2004
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Removing one's backside from something.
You need to de ass that chair, I was sitting there first!
by toniwithaneye October 09, 2006
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