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is spelt wrong. it is vive l'amour
by vee December 21, 2004
a term used when one is in a state of social akwardness and is asking for assistance.
*hairy man sits next to you *
(to friend) "pasta"
(friend) "oh yeah i forgot you have that thing to do and so yeah!" *exit stage left*
by vee September 28, 2004
dam i jst cant get him to stay wit me, elusive playa
by vee October 8, 2004
The dark-skinned offspring of one white parent and one black parent who is passing.
"My two older brothers came out real light, but I came out dark. I was a throwback child." (Lawrence Otis Graham)

"To avoid the risk of giving birth to a 'throwback child' with black
features, consider adopting a white child." (Graham)
by vee June 7, 2004
1. n a dessert; a rich cake consisting of dried fruit and nuts

2. n a homosexual man, or one who seems to be
"My mother received yet another fruitcake from her cheap coworkers as a Christmas present."

"Look at that guy with his flip-flops and unusually primped hair. What a fruitcake!"
by vee April 22, 2004
a nice, upper-crust, slightly less obnoxious way of saying "bullshit"
"Pish-tosh, my good man!" "He means bullshit." -Milk & Cheese
by vee June 16, 2004