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when all the shit hits you at once. A whole bunch of criticism, or problems all at once. when in the shit storm you are being shit hammered.
ex: "Man my wife left me, a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket for no insurance, and no registration, and when I came home my house had been broken into, and burned to the ground, it was a real shit storm."
by uzi4u June 12, 2007

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The state of being in a shit storm. When you are shit hammered you generally have commited a crime against nature, or have committed an illeagal act such as genocide, and you are being called on the carpet for it.
I got shit hammered after my wife figured out that I had a huge stash of midget clown porn.
by uzi4u June 12, 2007

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When actors or actresess make gratuitous cameo appearances as themseleves. Can be accompanied by heavy handed dialogue
Film: 'The postman'
Kevin Costner: "Hey, aren't you famous?"
Tom Petty: "yeah, I was, once. But you ARE famous."

Wow, did you see the Hollywood-handjob that Ben Afleck Gave Will Smith in 'Jersey girl'? We pay you to act like someone other than yourself whe we go to see a movie.
by uzi4u June 12, 2006

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a long argument, or a fight between either you and your spouse, you and a friend, or you and a family member.
Man I got into this big ol fucking dick dragger with my daughter over her grades.

I got into this dick dragger with bill becuase he pussied out on me.
by uzi4u April 28, 2006

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getting screwed in an online transaction
i got E-gypt when I bought a car off E-bay.
by uzi4u June 07, 2006

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