1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

to overtake a vehicle that is overtaking some other vehicle; to overtake an overtaking vehicle.
Do not double-overtake that vehicle; it is perilous.
by uttam maharjan November 29, 2010
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China, India and Indonesia combined together.
The contribution of Chindonesia to the Asian economy cannot be overstated.
by uttam maharjan November 15, 2010
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slang for a prostitute.
I cannot bear with that bear. She has such bearish behaviour.
by uttam maharjan October 11, 2010
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a person who sells goods at a high price.
I don't want to shop with him. He is such a dear jack.
by uttam maharjan October 07, 2010
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I do not want to talk to a fud. There is a generation gap between him and me.
by uttam maharjan August 23, 2010
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a manservant who does all kinds of work such as cooking, dish-washing, washing and cleaning.
Being a man of all work, he can hardly take respite.
by uttam maharjan March 27, 2010
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