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verb used to describe the action of doing 2 or more very important things at the same time to be efficient. to normal people, doing these things at the same time may be considered not ok, but to fun people, they can accept doing these things at the same time.
annabelle calls kaily

a: wyd
k: eating chips and salsa and watching vampire diaries in the bath
a: ya sounds legit

k: just some typical multitasking
by unicornsarereal February 4, 2018
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the person (likely your very distracting bff) who you choose sit next to in class. This person will constantly harass you and the 2 of you will often get in trouble. do NOT be surprised if the teacher says things like "get your feet off the table and take off your eye masks, this isn't your living room and its not nap time" but ur too buzzed to even care.
girl: sauce me a waffle I'm hungry
bff: omg its blueberry eggo
girl: yayyyyy wanna take a nap
teacher: *sends email to parents saying*: In a nutshell, I feel that your daughter's performance in class is due almost entirely to not paying attention. Sometimes this is due to talking with her seat mate and sometimes this is due to sneak peeking at her phone.
by unicornsarereal February 16, 2018
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adjective for someone you hook up with repeatedly and very often. you are, in no way shape or form, a thing and you DO NOT like each other. you just like hooking up with them.
girl: k gtg hu w zack
best friend: you mean your plaything??

girl: ya it's playtime
by unicornsarereal February 5, 2018
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verb used to describe the action of leaving class to wander the halls. perferably accompanied by a juul or other vape device.
ian: what are you doing

annabelle: adventuring

ian: ah sick 🤙🏽
by unicornsarereal January 19, 2018
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