28 definitions by uncle sam

a play on words of lol and old for something thats funny but also old referring to someone posting a link to something that many people already viewed
noob: hey check this link out _____
joe: lold
by Uncle Sam December 08, 2006
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One strong enough to be amoral in the name of a greater good such as intimidation or fun.
I am an american nationalist so who cares about Iraq.

Let Iraqi nationalist, not american hippies, worry about the Iraqi people.
by Uncle Sam October 08, 2003
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A demanding major but not as hard as many would like you to think. If you think CS is hard try CE where you do the core CS classes along with EE classes and extra math and physics.
computer science is a fun yet demanding major
by uncle sam December 09, 2007
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A term used to describe the stereotype of rich people (typically white folks) who run make to their safe communities after doing obligations in less desirable (black dominated, urban) communities based on the cliche of the rich people having the nice homes on the hills while all the poor people are down below.
I bet this guy cant run for the hills fast enough once this is over.
by uncle sam June 30, 2006
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the commmunity college of the UC system....no spirit, no pride; i usually go to and from this place with an occasional midterm as if its a public restroom

full of retarded professors who probably cant even understand themselves.... some dont even know english

even the parking service is a tool of nazi robbery

aka china town.... cant throw a rock 10 feet without hitting a nonenglish speaking asian
im a biochem major at ucr who doesnt hates biochem

i learned more reading my calc book for an hour than all i learned from attending lectures of a professor who spoke half in chinese

my physics professor only copied down notes verbatim of problem examples in the $150 textbook

my retarded psychology professor failed anyone who missed more than 2 days of lecture but spent this time making corny jokes instead of teaching

fricken taps gave me a parking ticket for having a gold permit in a EMPTY red lot on a fricken saturday
by uncle sam December 05, 2004
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The quintessential American; one who we should all strive to be
Gee, i wish i was George W. Bush. What a great American
by Uncle Sam March 10, 2005
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The quintessential American; A person who we should all strive to be.
Wow, look at George W. Bush. I wish i was him
by Uncle Sam March 10, 2005
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