28 definitions by uncle sam

a common term used in online video games when one team has a numerical advantage of atleast two extra playersover the other

when "teams" is called out, players should view the number of players for each team and make them even by switching or spectating

however, if a team has only a one man advantage eg, 8v7....it is not appropriate to call out teams
teams, 11v9

why didnt nobody switch and make em even? gg teams

noob: teams!!!!1
player B: its 7 vs 6, you want us to cut a player in half?
by uncle sam May 15, 2004
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read only memory
data that cant be modified

the world ROM has now been commonly used to describe various games that operate on various emulators
Noob: where can i download some Xbox roms and emulator!!!
Mikr: there are no Xbox roms that work on an emulator idiot
by uncle sam August 07, 2003
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All Talk No Actions
He is an ATNA when it comes asking chicks out for date.
by Uncle Sam April 23, 2004
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1)a comic super hero
2)an expression used often on the internet to highly emphasis something
1)batman and robin
2)HOLY BATMAN! this lag is terrible!
by uncle sam April 16, 2004
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A beautiful type of fish which is known for its large love of cheese and pie.
Oh you nearly look as handsome as the almighty RinkXing!
by Uncle Sam November 06, 2004
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richard simmon's twin brother
leo sayer - you make me feel like dancing
by Uncle Sam August 07, 2006
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undisputed "greatest wide reciever ever" in the NFL who spent most of his career with the 49ers
i would have rather seen rice retire than drag on his career with other teams
by uncle sam December 08, 2004
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