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An engine with a horizontally opposed piston configuration.
"What do you have in that thing? A straight six?"
-"Yeah, six cylinders, but it's a boxer."
by Tyler July 27, 2004
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Another word for saying "be quiet" in an angry manner.
Shut up!!!Shut the hell up!!!
by Tyler April 05, 2004
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Green and really mad.
My friends sometimes say i am the Hulk, cause i have a short temper.
by Tyler May 05, 2004
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1. A style of hardcore that emerged in New York City in the late 1980s, typified by lots of sing-along parts and mid-tempo breakdowns. Key bands include Youth of Today, Judge, Bold, and Gorilla Biscuits.
2. The fashion and aesthetic associated with youth crew hardcore. Hi-tops, "varsity" type fonts, posi, and especially straight edge are a few of the key elements.
In My Eyes are more influenced by youth crew than by old Boston hardcore.
by Tyler July 27, 2004
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(M)usical (T)esticle (V)olleyball
If you watch Musical Testicle Volleyball, you are a homo. Enough said.
by Tyler July 20, 2003
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Hit in the head with a thrown object. Originally a baseball term, in that context it means "hit in the head with a pitch."
Did you see that? She just beaned him with a dead fish!
by Tyler July 27, 2004
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a water company that when written backwards spells "naive"
does this mean that if you drink evian you're naive?
by Tyler March 03, 2005
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