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When in chat rooms, msn, corporate email e.t.c - the use of obscene language is frowned upon. Fek is the online slang of fuck and can be used as a 'visually friendly' replacement
1) Fek that.
2) Get Fek'd
3) Fek off
4) U fek'n creep
by tski August 01, 2003
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The sensitive and rapid degeneration of an encounter due to the behaviour of a single entity.
1) The party was a blast, until mike fully tropt out and everyone left.
2) The commercial success of the company was, in part, due to the tropt factor.
3) The project was tropt, because of the regional manager stepping in.
by tski July 25, 2003
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The complete absence of life in any corporate situation.
1) She was a classic casio droid example of ruthless and benign indifference.
2) The design was a complete casio droid, devoid of people photos and completely dominated by machines and 3rd party objects
by tski August 05, 2003
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The process that describes communication between alternate categories.
1) The ideology spanned the krosskulture.
2) Every krosskulture is a process of direct communication between opposing points of being; their opposition is due to a difference in kind.
3) krosskulture.com
by tski September 05, 2003
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To find something that is completely expected and not unusual. A classical example of itself amidst all other things like it. Insinuates that something is the antithesis of original.
1) The movie was a clock and date action film.
2) Your attitude to gender is so nineties clock and date.
by tski July 28, 2003
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1) A generic faux pas
2) Off center
3) Unbalanced
4) Not quite right
I look like a fork and spoon in this costume.

Bush was a fork and spoon to invade iraq.

by tski July 30, 2003
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To have little or no idea who or where one is or why they are here
1) the angry jockey tried to build a website with meaning + direction
2) Frank had an agry jockey attitude to life + websites in general.
3) The angryjockey is a midget without guidance or clean undies.
4) angryjockey.com sux
by tski September 01, 2003
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