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Acronym for "Fuck My Life"
Today I was fired from my job because the mug on my desk said "Fuck" on it. FML
by TreeBobJoe December 13, 2009

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A 1994 blue Ford Taurus with a painting of PacMan on the side of the car.
The model has been discontinued until further notice due to excessive Pursuits by the police who were led to believe the owner to be a pedophile.
Guy1: Dude, that car's got Chris Hanson written all over it.
Guy2: Fuck Yer! Its My Pacmobile!!1!@
by TreeBobJoe January 27, 2009

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A noob on an opposing team in call of duty 4 who uses juggernaut
TreeBobJoe: Watch out, theres a jugger-nugger
by TreeBobJoe January 26, 2009

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One who has reached an expertise level with his frag grenades from the video game series Call of Duty.
A true frag master has the ability to cook their frags, throw them over a building, bounce it off of an enemy in last stand, kill them direct impact, and have the blast explode in a minimum of but not limited to three enemies faces rendering them all incomparable of remembering why the even bought the game.
*Player killer by grenade and watches killcam

Player: AWW WTF!?! That nade bounced off 3 different people in last stand then fell and killed me!!!

Killer: I am the Frag Master!
by TreeBobJoe December 13, 2010

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When you go at least a week without shaving or combing your hair. You dress completely like Shit and look just out right awful. Then just before a big get together or meeting up with a girl you like, BAM!! You clean up real nice. The contrast from before and after makes you seem so much nicer.
John: Dude, you look like shit, You goin to that party lookin like that tonight?
Mike: Nah man, I'm goin for The BAM Effect
by TreeBobJoe November 08, 2009

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Similar to a Drunk Call except made while sleepwalking.
Bob: Hello?

Joe: Rainbows smell really really loud

Bob: Joe, Go to bed and stop zombie calling me!!
by TreeBobJoe October 18, 2010

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A name for the day before yesterday to stop the awkwardness of calling it "The Day Before Yesterday" as stated by George Carlin in his bit on Time.
Tony: Hey, was heroes on yesterday?

Vinny: Nah mang, that was maloobaday.
by TreeBobJoe February 13, 2010

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