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a young female's vagina, most often shaven. The word was once used by Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) in the 'Walk This Way' hit song. It's still popular among its greatest fans.
Ya ain't seen nothing til ya down on a muffin.
by trank April 15, 2008

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commonly used in plural to indicate working women like hookers, or even whores and sluts.
...While he masturbates to photos of livestock,
He does the "Silence of the Lambs" dance to Christian Rock... (the lyrics from Bloodhound Gang song)
by trank January 30, 2008

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Largely, stands for kicking one's ass real bad, yet specifying one's groin area ("...your knot") for particular intensification of the utterance.
For steppin' on the stage I should rock your knot (from the '8 Mile' movie)
by trank January 28, 2008

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