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The word for a persons rear end spoken by people who use correct english
Americans are so dumb that they cannot pronounce a word in their own language.
They say 'ass' for 'arse'
Ass is a synonym for Donkey. Poor Donkey!
by totem_pole November 25, 2014

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Communism of whiny cry babies
Sjwism is on the peak since everyone wants to complain of every damn little thing
by totem_pole July 07, 2018

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When you see a hot girl in a YouTube video and you want to know who she is (obviously for research purposes), you ask that in the comment section. Then a Research Ninja volunteers, do his research, risk his life to stalk her on the internet and get you the information you want.
Person 1: Does anyone know the girl at 05:04? For research purposes of course.
Person 2: Her name is XXXX YYYY
Person 1: Thanks Research Ninja! You saved the day.
by totem_pole August 12, 2015

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A person or an entity who will be a meme on the internet forever. Most of the famous people or rather obvious ones are already became memefied (Obama, Trump, Putin). That doesn't mean you cannot be memefied too. You can be memefied overnight if you play your cards right.
Success kid, Scumbag Steve, Disaster Girl, Overly attached girlfriend are only a few of those who became famous after being memefied
by totem_pole May 11, 2017

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