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An agreement within a relationship to not be exclusive while on vacation.
"Did you hear that Larry slept with that girl in Florida?"
"Yes but he doesn't consider it cheating because they agreed to Holiday Rules"
"Yes, his girlfriend Sarah had a bukake last year when she went to Spain"
by too_hot_to_handle May 27, 2023
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Perhaps the ultimate sign of domestication and usually happens in mid-to-late thirties though can happen earlier or later in life when the individual is truly ready.
“I was walking with my life partner around Ikea and I saw a set of pans. Then suddenly I felt a pleasant sensation in my loins

“So your declaring yourself pans-sexual now?”

by too_hot_to_handle July 4, 2021
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A person that does not consume food from specific regions of the world.
"Larry won't eat curry or any Indian food I try and give him"
"He sounds food racist"
by too_hot_to_handle May 27, 2023
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A husband who actively follows protocols based around peer-reviewed science in their daily life mainly from the Dr Andrew Huberman podcast.

This includes 20 minutes of morning sunlight, cold exposure, a myriad of supplements, sleeping with mouth tape, etc.

If all protocols are followed work and relationships will have to be squeezed in.
by too_hot_to_handle November 6, 2023
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