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the generic name of the person that just stole your hot missus
'that fucking collo cunt took my bitch'
by tnuk<- April 15, 2009

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an abode that is made by usually intoxicated individuals in an effort to either get warm, or, just be ladzy. Usually made from pillows stolen from the owner of whoevers house your crashing.
Also a term used in conjuction with someone being a total champ, when using it in this context it is referred to as 'master of the den' or 'denmaster'
'man its fucking freezing, give me all those pillows, im going to make a den.'

'come to my denery'

'collo you denmaster, what are you doing tonight?'
by tnuk<- April 18, 2009

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a really ladzy bloke, chops at most sports, cleans up when it comes to bitches, has more friends then you
'oi dolsy, wanna hit the city saturday?'
'nah man i cant i have internation soccer training on'

'hey dolsy buzz, wanna head out tomorrow'
'can't man, have to go appease the missus'
'well fuck man!'

'hahah, i have more friends then you on myspace dolsy!'
'really??, you have more then 150000000?'
by tnuk<- April 16, 2009

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a person who is extremely attractive and charms like a maddogg, these are the people that steal your wifes.
'I was just on the phone to the 'wife-jacker'
'what did he say'
'your missus says that your dicks small compared to mine'
'is that all?'
'yeah and that if i want her back, she will be on the corner of hay and barrack street'
by tnuk<- April 16, 2009

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in the act of anal sex(IT MUST BE INFRONT OF A WINDOW), the man pulls out his penis and tag teams with another man who slips in, the first penetrator then goes outside and waves at the woman, who then freaks out because the person she thinks is nailing them isnt there anymore.
'man, i hear amy got frigoed on the weekend'
by tnuk<- May 20, 2009

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the slang for deficating, whether public or private.
'hey man lets go rent out a hotel room and trent off the penthouse balcony'
'yeah man sounds gnarly'

'man, im not sleeping in that bed, theres a filthy trent in there'

'that food looks like a deepfried trent'
by tnuk<- April 18, 2009

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