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Another term for "doing alright", or "doing well", usually in relation to general small-talk. This slang is often used in New Jersey and surrounding areas. See example:
Ted: Oh, how's it going, man? How are you doing?
Alfonso: Oh, you know, man; Just jerking it.

Ted: Yeah, yeah, me too.
by thewanderingjew22 August 12, 2011
A small, husky Asian. Derives from the old Mongol term, "Yurdan Ooi" which denoted the lowest-ranking associate of the military, the lad who would shovel the horse defecation and was sometimes condemned to eat it for the entertainment of the warlords. Literally translates to: "Invisible dick"
Haggai: Hey, did you see that Asian guy over there hitting on the high-school freshman chick?

Ryan: Yeah, that guy is short enough that she probably can't tell he is in college. What an Ooi!
by thewanderingjew22 February 10, 2012
Fooling, or pranking; usually said out of disbelief. Slang originates in New Jersey and is commonly heard in surrounding areas.
Tyrone: Yo dawg! You should have come to the club tonight. D-Wayne and Trizzle got into a fist-fight.

Thelonius Jackson: No way! Are you stroking me right now?

Tyrone: No, I'm being completely serious. Trizzle is in the hospital.

Thelonius Jackson: Word.
by thewanderingjew22 August 12, 2011
A situation conducive to masturbation, that is to say, the perfect opportunity to pleasure oneself.
Archibald Crunk: Geez, I was so bored on Saturday. My room-mate was out of town, all of my friends were at the party, and there was nothing good on television.

Zedekiah Bigguns: Sounds like a perfect fapportunity to me, dawg.
by thewanderingjew22 February 10, 2012