The surname of the all powerful Ooi bloodline.

The current monarch Eugene of the Ooi has stated that Ooi will represent : Courage, Bitches and Obesity
Wow your so obese id consider you an ooi
by BrexitB March 5, 2019
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A small, husky Asian. Derives from the old Mongol term, "Yurdan Ooi" which denoted the lowest-ranking associate of the military, the lad who would shovel the horse defecation and was sometimes condemned to eat it for the entertainment of the warlords. Literally translates to: "Invisible dick"
Haggai: Hey, did you see that Asian guy over there hitting on the high-school freshman chick?

Ryan: Yeah, that guy is short enough that she probably can't tell he is in college. What an Ooi!
by thewanderingjew22 February 10, 2012
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A sound comes out of the mouth on sudden little pain
Ooi, i hurts.
by Sibbi February 6, 2019
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Out Of Interest
ooi, what's your number?
by Nihi June 2, 2004
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Very ugly to the point where you have to say “ooy”!
Look at him! Ooy!
by oopslmaolol June 3, 2019
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