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Boring movie in black and white. Many hail as "greatest movie of all time," yet give no resoning to support this claim.

Probably really awesome in the olden ye tymes what with the minimal amounts of fake blood, but now it's... dumb. Seriously, people. It was terrible.

WAY TOO LONG. Could have been at least an hour shorter.
I told my parents to wake me up when something intresting happened while watching Seven Samurai, and they never woke me up. Because they fell asleep too.
by theshinykitty April 11, 2005
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A form of math invented by monks in the olden ye tymes to figure out what the hypotnuse of a triangle was.

Most of it is useless to you- only the easy stuff like 10x=30 is what you will actually use in life. Unless you become a computer programmer. Then you're screwed.

Relatively simple- only dumbasses say it's hard.
I took algebra in 6th grade- I got beat up alot. But that's when I realized the heavy ass book could be used to hit people on the head with. Huzzah.
by theshinykitty April 23, 2005
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One of the best (in my opinion) J-Rock bands out there. Known as 'Ajikan' in Japan, becuase it's easier to say than Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and it kind of sounds like it.

Their music is greatly influeced by American bands like Weezer, and it really shines through in most their songs. Japanese Weezer... hahahaha....

Most Americans found this band through Naruto, or FMA with their songs 'Haruka Kanata (Far, Far Away)' and 'Rewrite', respectively.
Wapanese: Dude... Ajikan.
Normal Person: ...Yeah... you... do that...
Wapanese: AJIKAN!!
Normal Person: AGH! GET AWAY!
by theshinykitty April 16, 2005
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1. The period of your life before death, and after the time when you realize that it is, in fact, NOT cool to paste cut-outs from 'Teen People' onto your binder.

2. The label you give to movies that have copious amounts of the letter 'X' on them.
1. When Jenny realized that she had become an adult, a part of her died.

2. When Tom went behind the beaded curtain in his local video store marked 'Adult', and looked at all the pornomagraphic materials, a part of him grew.
by theshinykitty January 22, 2005
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A letter that was pretty awesome long ago, until that bastard X stole our pronunciation.
Should be: Zylophone, Zenophobia, Ezited

"Z is a pretty useless letter, but we love it anyways..."
by theshinykitty March 31, 2005
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Short for potion in MS. ^^
pro: im going to get some pot
noob: WTH?!?!
pro: ...potion?
noob: um... i knew that...
by theshinykitty August 2, 2005
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Japanese director who directed many long, arduous, BORING movies. Yuppies tend to like his films, as do people who liked (i.e. claimed to "understand") the movie Lost in Translation.

Most popular film was Seven Samurais, which, according to my parents who watched the movie in Taiwan when they were kids, was "sort of awesome back then, but now, it's plain crap."

Seriously, those movies were terrible. Even that 'Akira Kurosawa's Dreams' which was in color. I kept waiting for something intresting to happen, but all that happened was a bunch of Japanese people singing.

Avoid at all costs, rent some Godfather instead.
1: WOW! That Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurais was SUCH a great movie!
2: No, it wasn't. It was long and boring and stupid.
1: ...Well, you just don't understand the undertones of-
2: Shut up. Please.
by theshinykitty April 11, 2005
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