5 definitions by theprehnmantis

The act of putting the pussy in a coma with one's penis
Bro #1: "Did you tap that last night?"
Bro #2: "Yeah, I was plowing cake all night."
by theprehnmantis October 31, 2010
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Opposite of off limits; specifically, when permission is given to chase tail that was once chased by one or more of your affiliates
Bruh #1: Yo what up brah?
Bruh #2: Straight chillin, brah. Straight chillin.
Bruh #1: Yo is that booty on limits?
Bruh #2: Fo sho, I haven't tapped that since March
by theprehnmantis November 8, 2010
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the amount of time it takes (in microseconds) for an avocado to adequately ripen for consumption
this avocado has an avocado's number of 6.02x10^23.
by theprehnmantis October 28, 2010
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1. The ability to predict one's future sexual endeavors by examining set individual's creases near the head of the penis.

Those who have been circumcised have lost this ability.

2. When a male is dancing with a girl and becomes hard in anticipation of a future sexual encounter

3. Dick wrinkles
Woah, these dick wrinkles are strong foreskin-shadowing.

His premature erection was foreskin-shadowing of things to come.
by theprehnmantis October 31, 2010
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I was digging that chick in the bikini so hard that she took me straight to wantonahoe bay

I'm fitting to get wet on wantonahoe bay
by theprehnmantis October 30, 2010
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