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Something an egotistical person wears to show they did something "great".
Voter: *Wears a "I voted" sticker*

Voter: *inside their own head* Yeah! I'm the best person in the world because I voted!
by thehappycaucasian November 04, 2020

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What is Gen Z music focus you might ask?

Well, it is the phenomenon of the lack of focus or patience to listen to a song in it's entirety.

Mostly common in Generation Z, many z's will listen to a song (mainly a song made recently) and at a certain point in the middle of the song, will skip the song to another song which might also receive the same fate.

It is not 100% clear as to why this phenomenon happens, and why it is so common in Generation Z. Though many have agreed the reason could be the lack of interest in the song at that point. Partially due to not feeling the certain way they did, prior to turning on the song.

That's just a guess though, we never know the exact reason.
*kid skips a song midway through*

"Gen Z music focus at it again."
by thehappycaucasian September 16, 2020

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Look. I know there are crooked cops out there. There is always going to be bad cops out there, as there is with anything. I'm not denying African Americans are being shot, sometimes for no reason. As with anything, there is always going to be a bad thing to a good thing, that's just how it is and will always be. With that being said, you need to listen to the police. A large problem with society today and why a large majority of African Americans are being shot is because they are not listening to the police. The job of police is to protect and serve. If an officer tells you to do something, you do it. Doesn't matter the reason, you do as your told. Don't argue or disagree with them about doing nothing wrong because that will only cause for trouble. If it turns out they're in the wrong, sue them later. It bad enough they are provoked, don't add gas to the flame by doing something that causes them to react in a way where someone ends up injured or even dead. Just listen to the police for god sake!
Officer: Sir back up!

Person: Ok officer.

Officer: Put your hands behind your back please.

Person: Right away officer.

*In the off chance of this happening*
Officer: Sir you can't protest here.

Person: Why not?

Officer: Private Property. (even though its public)

Person: Ok Officer I'll leave (sue them later if you want)

Person: I'm glad I listen to the police instead of acting like a child arguing.
by thehappycaucasian September 16, 2020

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Something only cool people do.

Don't believe what society and media says about smoking cigarettes. It doesn't give you cancer, and it does not make you sick.

If you smoke, you don't give a fuck about what people think or say about you. That is a good attitude to have and a great way to live your life!

They say smoking fixes everything, and it does!

Also, second hand smoking effects is not a real thing. Just another thing society and media wants you to believe about smoking cigarettes.
James: Woah Jim, look at that guy!

(Some guy smoking a cigarette)

Jim: Whoa! That guy is Smoking Cigarettes?! That guy is so cool! I wish I could be that cool!

James: Me too Jim... Me too.
by thehappycaucasian September 16, 2020

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